1 in 7 families experience hunger and food insecurity. They rely on pantries and markets for a steady supply of food.

One Can Feed is a campaign of Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS) a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving individuals and families who are food insecure or hungry since 1964.

Each day, families and individuals make tough choices between food and other necessities. Every dollar you give to One Can Feed allows IFCS to provide more to our neighbors in need.

Faces of IFCS

Meet some of the 6,000 served monthly. Click on the image to read their stories.

One Can Donate

Join the Virtual Food Drive!

An easy way to help right from any of your devices, virtual food drive gifts maximize each dollar you provide. Save the hassle of shopping for and transporting your donation.

Your dollars help IFCS purchase the most efficient food and reach the most people who are food insecure.

Click on the image below for an amusing and insightful commentary on food donations and the best way to support this campaign!

One Can Alleviate Hunger

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provide nutritious food for hungry households in our community:

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One Can, Two Can, Who Can, You Can!

One Can Host

While our preference is your monetary donation to our virtual food drive, we also welcome food and personal hygiene/paper product donations. Consider hosting a food or personal hygiene/paper product drive through your neighborhood, company, school, service organization or group. Yes, You Can!

Contact us. We can assist you in finding the best way to support this cause.

One Can Host
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Click here for information about Hosting a Food (or Toiletry) Drive.

For More Than 57 Years

We’ve been providing food to our neighbors in need.

Our Free Food Market supplies individuals and families directly with weeks worth of groceries, toiletries and personal hygiene products. We strive to provide shelf-stable food items along with fresh products, dairy products, frozen meals and fresh breads.

200,200 Meals Goal in 2021

“Helping just makes my heart smile. It takes me to another place. Wow, I’m actually doing something for someone else and making their life happy too. It’s amazing, I love it!” – Emily D.

“Our goal is to make an immediate difference in the lives of others. Giving has awakened us to the opportunities to serve the community and help address the needs around us.” – Anne and Bob G.

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We can assist you in finding the best way to support this cause.

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